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Why take a private transfer to the snow when I can drive myself?

Yes, you can certainly drive yourself and a lot of people do. A convenient option, however, is to be driven to the snow in safety and comfort by an experienced local driver who is familiar with snow conditions and the Alpine roads. You will save yourself time, money, stress and hassle. If you aren't confident driving in snow or icy conditions, or fitting snow chains, please consider parking your car and taking transport up to the resort. In addition to private transfers, there are regular bus shuttles to the mountains if you would prefer not to drive yourself. Taking a private transfer means you can travel when you want to. No need to worry about: - fitting snow chains; - stress of driving in snow or icy conditions on unfamiliar roads; - on-mountain parking costs and hassles; - waiting for buses or other passengers; and, - digging out your car at the end of your stay. Book a ride with us and we'll pick you up at a designated time and place, and deliver you to your destination (and take you home again) in safety and comfort. No stress, no hassles and no wasting your precious holiday time. By booking a private transfer with us, you'll also be helping to support our local taxi service. This service provides our small rural community with a vital transport link, helping to connect people to a number of important services - so on behalf of our community, thank you!

What is a private transfer?

We're glad you asked! A private transfer is a taxi or other commercial passenger vehicle that is reserved soley for your use. Booked according to your schedule and destination, you don't share the vehicle with any other party. Your personal driver will be waiting for you on arrival at the designated pick-up point and will take you to your destination. Private transfers are usually a fixed fare, so you will know the cost of your service in advance.

What's the drive like up to the Resorts?

The roads to Falls Creek and Mt Hotham are all sealed and well maintained. Both roads (Bogong High Plains Road and the Great Alpine Road) are mountain roads, so there are quite a few twists and turns (but the scenery makes it worthwhile)! Whilst our drivers do their utmost to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, for some prone to motion sickness, the drive up and down the mountain can be a bit challenging. If you, or anyone in your party, suffers from motion sickness, please let us know when you book. Young children in particular are often affected by the frequent braking and turning of the descent. For comfort and peace of mind, we highly recommend discussing with your doctor or pharmacist suitable travel sickness remedies or medications to help make your journey more pleasant.

What are conditions like travelling up to the snow? Will there be snow on the road?

When weather conditions are clear, the drive to both resorts is relatively straightforward and affords some great alpine views. However, the weather can change quite suddenly, resulting in poor visibility, ice and snow on the roads, strong winds and heavy snowfalls. Your safety is always our first priority. Even with snow tires and snow chains, when conditions are poor, transfer times to/from the mountain will be slower and your departure may be delayed. We do recommend that you allow plenty of time to ensure you make onward travel connections on time. Upon arrival at the resort, there's a good chance it will be cold, and a fair chance (fingers crossed!) it will be snowing. We recommend having your snow gear (snow boots (not ski boots!), snow jackets, hat and gloves) with you in the vehicle or already be kitted out in your snow gear so everyone is ready to go when you arrive. This is particuarly important if you are travelling with young children. Please ensure they are dressed appropriately.

What gear will I need?

You can hire skis, boards and ski pants on or off the mountain; however it is extremely important that you are prepared for the cold conditions on arrival and be dressed appropriately. We highly recommend that you are dressed in snow boots, a warm waterproof jacket, beanie and gloves as a minimum for your arrival. This is particularly important if you are travelling with young children. Snow is cold and wet, so please make sure your little ones are warm and dry with snow boots, waterproof jacket, gloves and/or mittens.

Do we need snow chains?

During the snow season it is a legal requirement that ALL vehicles entering the resort carry snow chains. This includes AWD and 4WD vehicles. All our vehicles carry diamond pattern snow chains and our drivers are well versed in fitting them. Chains will be fitted as directed by Resort Management staff or at our drivers discretion, whichever comes first! Our Audi Q7 is also fitted with snow tires for extra safety and peace of mind.

Do you provide child safety seats?

Child car seats and infant capsules are required by Victorian and NSW law for private transfers. Child safety and booster seats can be requested at the time of booking and we are happy to provide them at no additional charge. Unfortunately, we are not able to supply infant capsules, so you will need to provide your own. Please note, that it will be the parents'/guardian’s responsibility to secure children in their seats and to make sure child safety seats/infant capsules are fitted correctly. Our drivers are not responsible for the installation and securing of child seats or infant capsules.

Can we stop for coffee or shopping/break?

Of course! Especially after a long flight, bus ride or train trip, at the end of a great hike, bike or snow break, or travelling with kids. Brief stops for lunch, coffee and shopping can be arranged with your driver if you let us know when you book so we factor it into our scheduling. Whilst we do our utmost to accommodate our customers requests, please note that breaks and stops are subject to scheduling requirements on the day of travel

What about my skis and/or snowboard? Do you have space to carry all my snow gear or extra luggage?

Depending on the number in your travel party, skis and boards can be safely carried in our vehicles or in one of our covered luggage trailers. Please let us know at the time of booking if you are travelling with skis and/or boards, or extra luggage, so we can book a trailer with your vehicle. Any additional snow gear or oversized bags can also be carried in one of our luggage trailers. There is no extra charge for the trailer.

Do you charge extra for luggage trailers or child safety seats?

No, we don't. ​Luggage trailers and child safety seats are all provided (free of charge) as part of our service. Travelling with kids and all their gear is just part of life! (We've got three boys who snowboard, so we TOTALLY understand!) Sometimes, you just need to take that extra suitcase - and we want to make it as easy as possible for you.

Do I have to pay resort entry?

Yes, resort entry fees apply to all visitors going to Falls Creek and Mount Hotham in the declared snow season. Resort entry fees help to contribute towards services such as snow clearing, provision of visitor services, and ski patrol to name just a few.
Cost of Resort Entry is in ADDITION to the cost of your private snow transfer and can be paid to Mt Beauty Transfers on the day, or prior to travel.

Do you take me directly to my accommodation at Falls or Mt Hotham?

FALLS CREEK RESORT During the declared snow season, there is no vehicle access to Falls Creek Village. Accommodation Transfer Service (ATS) is the best way to get you and your luggage to properties up in the village or located away from the Bogong High Plains Rd. We are able to drop off and/or pick up at the ATS terminal. For guests staying at QT, Falls Creek Country Club or Woodsmoke, we offer a door-to-door service (weather permitting). MT HOTHAM RESORT

We can provide service to accommodation on Great Alpine Road (weather permitting) OR to and/or from Corral Car Park.

Is on mountain transport service included in the cost?

On mountain taxi/transport is NOT included as part of our fare.

If your accommodation is in Falls Creek Village (not accessible from the Bogong High Plains Road), you will need to book and pay for tranport with Accommodation Transport Services (ATS) ie. from drop off point to and from your accommodation.

If weather conditions prevent us from accessing accommodation on the Bogong High Plains Road, drop off will be at ATS and you will need to purchase tickets for on mountain transport.

To save time in busy periods, it is best to pay online prior to arrival

What if my flight/travel connection is late or postponed?

Even the best laid plans can be thrown into disarray by bad weather, mechanical breakdowns, traffic jams or any number of things! That's why we recommend that you advise us as soon as possible of any change to your travel plans so we can reschedule drivers (and bookings) if required. We recommend sending a text to us confirming your departure time prior to boarding your flight or transport. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Should I take out travel insurance?

Personal travel insurance is not included in the cost of our private transfer service.

We strongly recommend personal travel insurance in respect of illness, injury, loss of baggage and personal items, damage to or loss of bicycle, skis/snowboards, cancellation or curtailment.

For peace of mind prior to travel, it's a good idea to check with your insurer regarding policy coverage and features.

Are your drivers experienced driving in the snow?

A very important question! All of our drivers are professional commercial drivers, accredited with Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria. They all have excellent driving records and, as locals, are very familiar with driving the Alpine roads with years of experience driving in snow and icy conditions. All of our drivers are also extremely competent in fitting and removing snow chains for all our vehicles.

This is our first time to the snow - what should we expect?

Prepare to have an amazing experience in a unique part of Australia with lots of fun, laughs and wonderful memories to take home with you! We LOVE taking 'first timers" up to the snow! The excitement when you see that first patch of snow - it's just magic! Even moreso if you are travelling with little ones! Firstly, if you are travelling from Albury airport, it takes approximately two hours to Falls Creek and approximately two and a half hours to Mt Hotham (weather permitting). The roads are a little on the 'twisty' side, so if you suffer from motion sickness, it's probably best to sit in the front seat and/or take some travel sickness remedies or medications. Snow is wet and cold, so it's best to make sure you have the appropriate clothing (waterproof jacket, snow boots, hats and gloves) either on you, or in the car ready to put on upon arrival. If you have young children, please make sure they have waterproof snow boots - not gumboots. Although waterproof, gumboots are not insulated or warm, and it doesn't take long for little feet to get cold. Warm jackets, gloves and hats are essential, particulary if you are arriving at night time and/or have to wait for a while for transport to your accommodation. If staying at Falls Creek in accommodation away from the Bogong High Plains, you will need to book transfers with Accommodation Transfer Service. We recommend you pre-purchase online prior to your arrival to save time and hassle. If you haven'been snow boarding or skiing before, give it a go. We highly recommend that you book a couple of lessons. It will be more enjoyable and safer than going it alone. Both resorts have excellent websites and apps with up-to-date information on events, lift information and dining options - you can find them at f allscreek.com.au and mthotham.com.au. Enjoy yourselves, take lots of photos (tagging #fallscreek and #mthotham), and don't forget to tag us in too - @mtbeautytransfers! We love seeing your adventures and enjoying your stay in our part of the world.

I am concerned about COVID19, what safety measures are in place?

There is nothing more important to us than your safety and that of our drivers and our wider community. Currently travel is restricted to regional Victorians only. Customers booking a private transfer with us are asked a series of COVID screening questions in line with our COVID Safety Plan and Victorian Government directives. All passengers (and drivers) must also wear a fitted face mask when travelling with us, We continue to closely monitor the everchanging COVID-19 situation and act upon the advice of Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV), Dept of Health & Human Services, WHO guidelines and State and Federal Government directives. Our vehicles are cleaned and disinfected at the end of each shift, driver change or transit over 30 mins. Additional disinfectant and sanitisation procedures have been implemented including cleaning and sanitising of common touch surfaces after each transit as well as social distancing measures. All drivers have also undergone training in hand hygiene practices as well as COVID19 Hygiene awareness, undergo daily health checks and are not permitted to drive if unwell. We also strongly encourage the downloading of the COVIDSafe App. More about our COVID19 safety measures can be found here, and you can always give us a call on 0488 863 360 if you have any questions or concerns. We hope this helps to provide some peace of mind when travelling with us.

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